Car electrical repairs and diagnostics in North West London

Sahibs Auto Electric are experts in car electrics and provide repairs to clients across North West London and the surrounding areas.

Specialists in car electrics

At Sahibs Auto Electric we diagnose and repair electrical faults and/or replace components in motor vehicles, and fit new electrical parts.
The electrical wiring and electronics have to be checked by hand using testing equipment with either a Launch or a Snap-on diagnostics kit, which scans and identifies the faults.
Most testing is done in the car, using portable equipment, but sometimes it is done on a test bench (for alternators and starters). In addition to car electrics, we also provide general mechanical repairs for clients across North West London and the nearby areas.

Duties our car electricians follow:

  • Checking and testing wiring systems
  • Using specialised equipment to take readings from the vehicle to identify faults
  • Researching faults using manufacturers’ circuit diagrams and specification manuals
  • Repairing and/or replacing faulty parts
  • Re-testing systems to ensure repairs have been successful which may include road testing the vehicle
  • Fitting new accessories such as satellite navigation and entertainment systems.

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